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On this page, you’ll find a list of YouView questions submitted by visitors to our site.

What do I need for YouView?

John B asks: “I have a Humax HDR-FOX-T2 recorder. Please could you advise me what kind of device I shall need to add to¬†access the YouView service from my phone line?”

The Humax HDR-Fox T2 is a Freeview HD recorder. If you connect this box to the Internet, you will be able to get to some on-demand services, such as the BBC iPlayer. This box is not a YouView box though, so will not be able to access the YouView services. You’d need to get yourself a YouView box.

YouView Boxes in Shops?

Darren Ney asks: “Will YouView boxes be in the shops, or be offered as part of say BT Vision service or other broadband services”

The answer is “both”. Yiou can now get a YouView box on the high street or online from numerous retailers.

Youview will also be offered to TalkTalk and BT customers too. See YouView and BT and YouView and TalkTalk

When does YouView Launch?

Darren Ney asks: “Any more info on when the YouView service is due to start. I have held of getting the basic BT Vision package as it doesn’t come with Freeview HD. “

YouView boxes became available in late July 2012. And yes, it supports Freeview HD!


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2 comments on “Your YouView Questions
  1. roy baker says:

    I am thinking of purchasing a Youview box outright from a suitable retailer, but have two major queries.

    1. Do I require a satillite dish of any descrption?
    2, To enjoy the On Demand Services, can the Youview box receive my home broadband wirelessly (I have a wireless router) or does it need to be connected by cable to my Broadband Modem?

    Thank you

  2. Brian Graham says:

    My Youview (BT) box only gives me 69 channels. I have retuned many times to no avail. Any suggestions apart from going back to a bought box!!

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