The Alternatives To YouView

If you don’t fancy spending £299 on a YouView set-top box, or you’re unwilling to get a free box by switching your broadband to TalkTalk, then you might want to consider the alternatives:

BT LogoBT Vision

This is probably the closest match to what YouView offers. Here’s a summary of what BT Vision offers:

  • Freeview, plus extra content over the Internet
  • 7-day catch-up TV from BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and Channel 5
  • Sky Sports and ESPN sport available
  • Box Office Movies service
  • No download restrictions – watching video over Broadband won’t affect your download allowance
On the down-side, unlike YouView, the BT Vision box doesn’t support Freeview HD

To find out more, go to

Sky Anytime

This option will require you to sign up for a Sky subscription. You’ll need a Sky box, satellite dish and a subscription. What you’ll get is access to Sky Anytime+, which is a video-on-demand service offering catch-up TV and box-office films.

At the time of writing, the Sky offering doesn’t include catch-up TV services from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5.


Fetch TV

Offered a similar service to YouView, but went into administration at the end of 2011


Offered a similar service to YouView, but as of 2012, appears no longer to be in business



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