How Do I Get YouView?

There are two ways to get YouView: You can either get a box for free as part of a broadband service, or buy the box subscription-free:

Option 1: Subscription

You can get a YouView box from one of YouView’s partners.

YouView from BT

This service launched on the 26th of October

Price: Get a free box (£6.95 delivery, £49 activation). BTservice is £4 a month, or £12.50 a month for unlimited TV content

More details here: BT and YouView or at

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YouView from TalkTalk

This service is available now. You’ll need to sign up to the TalkTalk Plus TV package at £14.50 a month, plus £9.50 a month line rental. Details here: TalkTalk Plus TV

This package includes a YouView box, saving £299. See TalkTalk and YouView

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Option 2: One off Payment

You can buy a box for a one-off fee of £299. The box is yours and there is no ongoing subscription for the basic YouView service.

The first box to become available is the DTR-T1000, made by Humax. This is a fully-featured digital recorder with a hard drive that will record up to 300 hours of telly (or up to 125 hours of HD content).

For more on this box, see our Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Box page

Humax DTR-T1000

Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Set-top box