Connecting a YouView box wirelessly

We had the following YouView question in from Roy Baker about YouView connectivity:

“To enjoy the On Demand Services, can the Youview box receive my home broadband wirelessly (I have a wireless router) or does it need to be connected by cable to my Broadband Modem?”

Connecting a YouView box to the Internet

To get on-demand content from YouView, you need to connect the YouView box to the Internet. Yes, you can do this wirelessly if you want.

There are there three main ways that you can connect a YouView box to your home broadband router:

  1. With a cable connected from the YouView box to your router
  2. Using devices called PowerLine or HomePlug – These plug into the mains and send your signal to your router without having to run cables
  3. You can get a wireless adapter and use wi-fi

We have a page outlining these options in more detail here: How to connect YouView to the Internet

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5 comments on “Connecting a YouView box wirelessly
  1. Stephen Hawking says:

    You can’t use a wireless adapter it doesn’t recognize it.

  2. Neil Wilson says:

    Where do I obtain a PowerLine or Homeplug for my YouView box?

  3. Where+do+I+get+a+powerline+homeplug+from+please

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