YouView TV with a satellite dish

This question in from Roy Baker:

“I am thinking of purchasing a Youview box outright from a suitable retailer. Do I require a satillite dish of any description?”

YouView and Satellite Dishes

The short answer to this is “no”

The slightly longer answer is that YouView gets TV channels via the Freeview platform. To get live TV channels on a YouView box, you need to be in a Freeview coverage area, and have a suitable TV aerial pointing at a land-based transmitter. If you have a TV set or a set-top box that can get Freeview via a TV aerial, then you should be able to get live TV with a YouView box.

Satellite dishes are only required for watching TV from Sky or Freesat.

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One comment on “YouView TV with a satellite dish
  1. Steve says:

    Hi – I have had my YouView box for 8 months and I’m very happy with it. However, I’ve just moved house. My new place can only get signal via satellite. There is a dual cable coming out of the wall with F connectors on the end. Is there any way I can still use YouView?!

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