How do I switch from BT Vision to YouView?

Thanks to Brian Bradford for the following YouView question:

 “I have had bt vision for a number of years now and have really enjoyed its concept as well as its content. 

YouView seems to be an upgrade from bt vision offering as well as extended choice.

 Can my Vision box and my package with BT be transferred to the  YouView system and at what cost?”


Switching from BT Vision to YouView

The answer to this is “yes”. The old BT Vision boxes are different from the YouView boxes, and so it’s a case of getting one of the new YouView boxes from BT.

BT will send you a new YouView box by courier, and it’s a case of plugging it in. When one of our team did this recently, the box was delivered in a few days, and BT didn’t ask for the old BT Vision box back.


How to upgrade from BT Vision to YouView

Assuming you are out of contract with BT, it’s a case of ordering YouView direct from BT. Your BT Vision contract will be cancelled, and you’re re-contract with BT and get a YouView box.

At the time of writing, the cost is £49. To check the current price for YouView from BT, and to order YouView from BT, go here: Order YouView from BT


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