Installing two BT YouView Boxes

Thanks to Stephen for sending in the following question about installing BT YouView in two rooms:


I intend getting a package of two YouView Plus boxes from BT, so that I can watch and record independently in two separate rooms. Is there a wiring diagram available, as I would like to run the cabling in advance of the installation?

Should the home hub be located near to one of the TVs? Do both YouView boxes connect separately to the Open Reach box?

And, lastly, if I want a third TV, can it pick up the picture from one of the other TVs, or does it just run independently from the aerial?

As I have previously been wary of the reliability of signal through wireless connectors with BT Vision, I am therefore considering laying Cat5 wiring under the floor.


BT now offers Multiroom (called Extra Box) – This would typically mean having a standard YouView box in one room and a YouView mini box in a second room – See BT’s site for information on getting a BT Mini YouView Box: BT YouView Extra Box

Each YouView box requires the following:

– Connection to a BT Home Hub, either using Ethernet cabling or using a Powerline Adapter (networking over mains cable)
– Connection to a working TV aerial
– Connection to a TV set (typically HDMI)
– Connection to mains power

For the average size home, location of the Home Hub has little bearing, especially if using CAT5 Ethernet cabling. Very long cable runs may require thought regarding the positioning of the BT Home Hub.

Each YouView box needs its own connection to the BT Home Hub – two boxes don’t need to connect to each other

As far as we know, you can’t have three YouView boxes – but you could have two YouView boxes, and additional Freeview boxes (which can be used fore viewing live TV, but not BT’s Internet TV content).

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  1. Jim clarke says:

    Hi can you help I have had a new free view box from but my first box in front room running fine put the new box in back room set it up all ran ok I thought but tried the box in front room and it told me I am running 2 boxes off the same time I had to disconnect the one in thr back room to get the first place one running am I doing something wrong.

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