Now TV on YouView

If you take a look in the On Demand Players section of YouView, you’ll find “Now TV”… but what is it?

What is Now TV?

Now TV LogoThis is a service operated by Sky that’s available on the YouView platform. You can think of it as a rival to other on-demand movies services such as Netflix, Lovefilm and Blinkbox.

The Now TV service scores over some of the competition by offering blockbuster movies before other services. It can do this because it’s run by Sky, and gets movie content from the various Sky Movies channels.

The Now TV service adds up to 20 new movies a month to the service, and you can sign up either online at, or via your YouView box.

At the time of writing, the cost is £8.99 a month, and a 30 day free trial is available. There’s no long-term contract.

How to get to Now TV

On your YouView box, press the blue YouView button, go to On Demand, and look in Players

YouView Players Screen

Screenshot of the YouView Players Screen

From the Players screen, you’ll see a screen prompting you to sign up.

Now TV on YouView - Screenshot 01

Now TV on YouView – The “Sign Up” Screen

You will also see a selection of some of the movies on offer

Now TV on YouView - Screenshot 02

Now TV on YouView – Screenshot of movies from the Now TV Player

More about Now TV

You can find out more about Now TV at – The service is also available for PC, Mac, laptop, tablet. X-Box and some Android smartphones.

12 comments on “Now TV on YouView
  1. james natthews says:

    very good deal

  2. marksbrown says:

    hope this works

  3. anita hensman says:

    Hi just wondered what channels are available on nowtv

  4. Claire says:

    Does youview support the now tv entertainment package? I can sign in but not see any tv programmes

    • Keith says:

      I have the same issue. Just says about movies yet I have the entertainment package. Annoying.

    • Anita O'Shea says:

      Just signed up for entertainment package & only have choice of movies. Anyone sussed how to get what we signed up for yet?

  5. Denis Monagle says:

    Paid to watch this Sundays football on nowtv registered a new account paid the fee was informed it was OK to watch,tried umpteen times to access the site and it refused to let me in.

  6. peter mannix says:

    never known such a fiasco in all my life, no wonder sky ask viewers to forgo refund rights , lost my 10 pounds and had no service at all after 2hours of persueing the matter, what a scam.

  7. Maureen Millar says:

    Have Now tv installed on my computer as a free app. I tried to sign in but it wouldn’t let me view anything

  8. Neil says:

    Are the NowTV channels listed in the YouView EPG?

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