Humax YouView Remote Control

There’s not an awful lot to say about the remote control supplied with the Humax YouView box, but past experience has told us that adding a page about remote controls can be helpful, so here it is:

The YouView Remote Control

Here is a picture of our Humax YouView Remote Control

YouView Remote Control

YouView Remote Control, front view

It’s shiny, so doesn’t photo very well. It’s a comfy hold and works . What more can be said?


It’s powered by two AAA batteries (the freebies are Rocket Heavy Duty R03 batteries, made in Thailand)

As a nice touch, the door to the batteries is tied to the main control, meaning that you can’t lose the back off the remote control. Not a problem we’ve ever experienced, but it’s nice to know the problem has been solved for those prone to remote control door loss!

YouView Humax Remote Control

YouView Humax Remote Control, battery compartment view

Got a burning question about the Humax YouView remote control? Maybe… just maybe… we can help. Please add a comment below.

7 comments on “Humax YouView Remote Control
  1. John Fulton says:

    The remote supplied is annoying the main button has a loud click and when you are moving through menus it becomes irritating,
    I have looked for another remote but a You view button is needed to access you view menu,

  2. peter desaram says:

    Need 3 digit code for samstrom tv for humax retail youview remote.

  3. Cathy Michaelson says:

    I am really unhappy with the humax remote control. It stopped working probably after a year, but I didn’t report it until 2/3 months later and was promptly told it was no longer under warranty!
    If I wanted to buy a new one it would cost me 34.99!!! Great customer service huh!!!!

  4. Marshal Anderson says:

    Just had to replace mine after a year – disappointing 🙁

  5. Brian Davey says:


  6. Peter Ingram says:

    My Humax box was bought in Nov 2014. Am now on my second remote control which is now not working. The first replaced under warranty.
    Not impressed with Humax.

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