YouView – What You Need To Know

What is YouView?

A service that combines Freeview, a digital TV recorder and on-demand content over Broadband

YouView lets you watch and record Freeview, supports HD, and lets you watch TV shows that you’ve missed

Access to hundreds of on-demand movies through services like Sky’s Now TV

On-demand services offered by YouView

On-demand services offered by YouView

What you need to get YouView

  • A YouView receiver box (£299)
  • A TV aerial
  • To be in a good Freeview coverage area
  • A connection between the YouView box and your Broadband router

The Price?

A standard YouView box, like the Humax DTR-T1000 pictured on this page, costs £299.

Alternatively, get a YouView box free from TalkTalk or BT – See Youview and TalkTalk and YouView and BT

There is no subscription for the basic service, but some content, such as movies on Sky Now TV, cost extra.


The Programme Guide

Whilst most programme guides let you look at the next seven days of TV, YouView also lets you go back 7 days to see what you’ve missed. If it’s available on catch-up TV, you can watch it via the programme guide. This feature is called Scrollback

YouView’s Internet service

With YouView, you can watch catch-up TV services from the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5, as well as online movies and TV shows. Here’s what you need to know:

You need to connect your YouView box to the Internet. The box doesn’t have wi-fi, so you need to connect using an Ethernet cable, or a pair of Powerline adapters (See: How to connect Youview)

You’ll need a minimum broadband speed of between 2 and 3Mbps to watch streaming video on YouView

BE AWARE: Watching streaming video will eat into your broadband download allowance. Watching an average-length movie will eat around 1GB of data. If your broadband service has a download limit, say, 10GB a month, you’ll need to be careful how much TV you watch over YouView!

AOL Broadband Cap

A cap, like the 10GB cap on AOL’s broadband, might be a big issue for you!


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  1. mrs sheila robinson says:

    received free youview thanks,trouble is followed all the
    instructions to the all iplayers up no problem trying
    to get them to play no way.all i get is error try later,on every
    iplayer channal can you help? thank you

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