Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Box

The Humax DTR-T1000 is the first YouView box on the market, and it’s pretty impressive.

Humax DTR-T1000

Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Set-top box

Here’s what the T1000 has to offer:

  • A 500GB hard drive (300 hours of standard definition or 125 hours of HD)
  • Freeview HD (BBC, ITV and Channel 4)
  • ScrollBack – Go back through 7 days of TV
  • Catch-up TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD
  • Record, pause and rewind live TV
  • Series Link
  • Thousands of TV shows and movies on-demand, including pay-to-view films from Sky’s NOW TV
  • Subscription-free!

The box needs an Internet connection for access to the YouView service. The T1000 doesn’t support wi-fi, so you will need to connect it to your Broadband router using an Ethernet cable. (More: How to connect Youview to the Internet)

Humax DTR-T1000 Availability

The Humax DTR-T1000 is available from the following places:

Get the Humax YouView box for free with BT: See ‘YouView from BT

May 2013: New model available… Humax DTR-T1010

Humax DTR-T1000 Review and User Comments:

Humax is generally a well-respected name in the Freeview and Freesat box market, and the build quality and functionality of this YouView box is on a par with other offerings from YouView. It seems pretty well made and responsive, and does a good job.

We’ve been tracking online user comments about the box to get a feel for what’s being said about this box, and here are some of the observations we’ve made:

  • Backwards srolling as a way to access catch-up TV is a hit. Why haven’t we seen this before?
  • Lack of wi-fi. To be fair, most Freeview PVRs lack wi-fi, but for many it’s a pain getting an Internet connection without using wi-fi
  • Good picture quality and smooth playback of the on-demand video content
  • Lack of support for 5.1 Surround Sound has been highlighted as a surprising omission (although this might be fixed in a software update)
  • The price of £299!

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Humax DTR-T1000 Specifications:

Here’s a photo of the back of the T1000, showing the rear connectors

Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Box - Rear View

Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Box – Rear View

YouView DTR-1000 Connectors:

  • HDMI out
  • SCART out
  • Co-ax Aerial In
  • Co-ax Aerial Out (loopthrough)
  • SPDIF Digital Audio Output
  • RJ45 Ethernet socket
  • Component video (RCA phono socket)
  • Stereo audio (2 x RCA phono sockets)
  • 2 x USB sockets (purpose unknown!)

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4 comments on “Humax DTR-T1000 YouView Box
  1. Terry Carter says:

    You say the box has 2xUSB sockets(purpose unknown)however,in your section ‘How to connect’ you show the Netgear Universal WiFi adapter, which I have and use with my Humax Freesat box. Will the Netgear adapter work with the YouView box when plugged into the powered USB socket and ethernet? Thanks.

  2. g lavery says:

    can you change the picture size on youview box as some programms have small screens

  3. David briggs says:

    We have today 6/1/14 received from BT a new T1000 box
    I propose to put this unit in a well ventilated solid door cabinet
    Obviously the IR control unit will not work with the Woodern door shut
    Can a separate IR unit be attached to this BT youview box with say the eye attached via a cable to my TV
    I understand sky boxes have this facility and you can buy them from EBay
    do BT offer this option as well

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