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How do I switch from BT Vision to YouView?

Thanks to Brian Bradford for the following YouView question:  “I have had bt vision for a number of years now and have really enjoyed its concept as well as its content.  YouView seems to be an upgrade from bt vision

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Connecting a YouView box wirelessly

We had the following YouView question in from Roy Baker about YouView connectivity: “To enjoy the On Demand Services, can the Youview box receive my home broadband wirelessly (I have a wireless router) or does it need to be connected

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YouView TV with a satellite dish

This question in from Roy Baker: “I am thinking of purchasing a Youview box outright from a suitable retailer. Do I require a satillite dish of any description?” YouView and Satellite Dishes The short answer to this is “no” The

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Record Sky Sports on YouView TalkTalk

Thanks to Arthur Nash for asking this question: “We have a TalkTalk package plus Sky Sports Boost. As TalkTalk do not have the ability for us to record our sports boost channel, although we are able to record all other

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Sky Sports on YouView?

We’ve been asked a couple of times whether or not it’s possible to get Sky Sports on a YouView box. With many looking to find a way to get the Premiership football without a dish and Sky subscription, could YouView

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